Although it didn't get flat-out excellent reviews, there's still a lot of love for John Singleton's reboot of Shaft from 2000.

The original with Richard Roundtree is, of course, the better of the two and even now, Shaft is still considered as one of the finest crime thrillers of the '70s. There's been rumblings of another reboot - or possibly even a sequel - for quite some time, but now it looks like it's headed in the former direction as Tim Story - director of Ride Along, and, uh the original Fantastic Four - has been selected to helm the latest iteration of Shaft.

Meanwhile, the showrunners for Black-ish - Kenya Barris and Alex Barnow - will be handling the screenplay duties, which seems to confirm what most people are thinking. Namely, that the Shaft reboot will be along the lines of an action-comedy rather than a hard-nosed, no-nonsense crime thriller like the original.

It's a shame because Singleton's reboot really nailed the slick, effortlessly cool vibe of the original whilst updating it for a modern world, so it's a shame to see it going in a more comedic, probably silly route.

Don't be in the least bit surprised if Kevin Hart gets announced as Shaft.


Via Deadline