Released back in 1986, Labyrinth became a cult favourite despite its poor showing at the box office.

Its dark story of a teenage girl (Jennifer Connelly) kidnapped by a Goblin King (David Bowie) who wants to marry her, Labyrinth had a script by Monty Python's Terry Jones and was the last film to be directed by Muppets' creator Jim Henson.

The film, of course, has become popular of late due to the unfortunate passing of David Bowie and now, it seems, a reboot is in the works. A deal was signed late last night with the Henson Company and TriStar to reboot the musical classic.

Already, a script is being worked on by Guardians of the Galaxy's co-writer Nicole Perlman - however there's been no word on who'll be cast in the major roles.

So, thoughts? To be honest, this is pretty cold. David Bowie's not even dead a month and already, they're trying to capitalise on his work by rebooting some of his films.

Labyrinth, as we mentioned, wasn't all that much of a hit when it was originally released. Had Bowie not passed and the film not reentered the public consciousness, it's doubtful that this would have even happened. Don't be at all surprised if this all falls apart a few months down the line.