It's fast becoming a reality that sci-fi of the '80s is picking up with modern technology.

Blade Runner, Aliens, Predator - they're all slowly but surely becoming a reality and although we might not have lifelike androids or invisibility suits yet, we do have Power Loaders. Sort of. The infamous suit worn by Lt. Ellen Ripley in the climax of Aliens is now a reality.

Panasonic have developed a working prototype of the Power Loader - yes, they're actually calling it that - for working with disaster relief and pushing giant xenomorph mothers out of airlocks. The company has designed a range of exo-suits and although this prototype is more than a little bulky and large, there's plans in motion to slimline the thing and make it less imposing.

Panasonic, if you're reading this, don't do it. Make it ten times bigger. Paint it yellow. Give it a blow-torch and make the claws bigger and hydraulically powered. Then, later, host gigantic gladiatorial events where people wear these Power Loaders and fight to the death in a neon-drenched landscape to the sounds of Van Halen and ZZ Top. IT WILL BE SO BEAUTIFUL.

Ahem. Here's Panasonic's promo video on the Power Loader.


Via Panasonic / YouTube