Daniel Craig is contracted for another Bond film after the upcoming Spectre. Just thought that we should mention that, seeing as everyone is already talking about who will take over as 007.

But, and this is where things get interesting, there’s been no confirmation as to whether he’ll fulfil that contract. Now, you could easily say that why would they need to confirm it, doesn’t his name on that piece of paper do that?

Probably. But seeing as it’s one of the most legendary roles, in the one of the world’s most prestigious franchises, we can see why people are already trying to suss out Craig’s eventual successor.

Anyway, none of that’s important, the reason you’re all here is to find out that Damian Lewis has been dropped from 25/1 down to 3/1 by William Hill, leaving him just behind Idris Elba, but ahead of the likes of Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, and Henry Cavill.

Seen as an outsider until this week, Lewis has had massive success with his TV roles in Homeland, and HBO’s Band of Brothers. While he hasn’t exactly burst onto the big screen as of yet, the same could have been said for Daniel Craig before he landed the role in Casino Royale.

Nobody can be sure if there’s been a leak that’s lead to large sums being put on Lewis, or if the bookies are just trying to stir up some publicity, but if that’s the case it’s definitely worked.

Basically we’re still no better off to knowing who the next Bond will be, but the waters have been muddied slightly more now. Who would be your favourite for the role? Mine’s a grey-haired Pierce Brosnan.