We had to expect this right?

With the success of both Maleficent and Cinderella, Disney looks set to continue raiding its archives for animation classics to turn into live-action films. Already, Mulan, Dumbo, Beauty & The Beast are in the works at the House of Mouse and now, we can add another name to the list - Pinocchio.

Yes, Gepetto's greatest creation is coming to life - literally - in a live-action film at Disney. It's early stages yet, with no director or cast attached to star, however it is known that Disney are actively pursuing it.

Guillermo Del Toro, however, is working on his own version of the classic tale with a stop-animation version in the works. This tracks with The Jungle Book, as Jon Favreau is currently working one version for Disney whilst Andy Serkis is making a more darker, realistic iteration for Warners.

So, how do we feel about a live-action Pinocchio? Look, we didn't think we'd buy into a live-action Cinderella - but it worked. It absolutely worked. Therefore, there's hope for this as well.

If they can find the right director to make it believable, this could be a hit. However, if the reports of Tim Burton directing a live-action version of Dumbo turn out to be true, then maybe not.

Personally, we think the whole story of Pinocchio is inherently creepy. A wooden marionette that comes to life? Did nobody else see Chucky?


Via Deadline.com