Sound the remake klaxon. We've got another one coming.

What with Terminator: Genisys due to hit our screens pretty shortly, it looks like the Arnold Schwarzenegger Remake Train isn't slowing down.

At this stage, it's looking like Pumping Iron is due a remake or some sort of updating.

Anyway, the latest film to get a remake is Kindergarten Cop - yes, that one where Arnie teaches a classroom of kids and tries to find a criminal. Amazing stuff, really.

The remake will see a stolen USB drive, full of criminal informants, makes its way into a kindergarten school. It's up to our protagonist and an Indian kid, for some reason, to find it.

There'll also be Albanian criminals - who seem to be the du jour baddies these days - and a beautiful teacher who acts as the love interest.

It's a little early to be calling it, but we can see the Kindergarten Cop remake sweeping the boards at Cannes and the Oscars.

It's highly unlikely that original director Ivan Reitman and Arnie himself will be involved as the remake is expected to be a straight to DVD / VOD release.

Depending on how well it does, there'll be a TV series developed shortly afterwards. So, y'know, we've got that to look forward to.

So, the real question is this - who is your Daddy and what does he do?


Via /Film