It seems like releasing black and white versions of films are now becoming the du jour thing to do, and that's OK if we're totally honest.

The trend, if you can call it that, started with George Miller and Mad Max: Fury Road - with Miller saying that he had a black and white version of the film that he always believed was his favourite version of the film as it was meant to be seen.

As it turns out, he wasn't the only director who had a monochrome vision of their work. You might recall that a number of the promotional images for Logan were done in black and white and often had very stark shadows and so on; most of them images were shot by director James Mangold personally.

In a tweet last night, Mangold confirmed that a black and white version of Logan would see a limited theatrical release - in the US only, so far - on May 16th, a week or so before the DVD and Blu-Ray is released with the black and white version attached.


Via Twitter