A beautifully simple and stunningly elegant film, Naji Abu Nowar’s delightful Theeb is the story of a young Bedouin boy caught up in violence when stranded in the Arabian Desert in 1916.

The film is a confident debut from the Jordan based filmmaker and makes great use of the Wadi Rum. Theeb is played with infectious enthusiasm by Jacir Eid. His character is the son of a sheik who has recently died. Close to his grown-up brother Hussein (Hussein Salameh), he refuses to stay in camp when Hussein agrees to help guide an English soldier (Jack Fox) and his guide (Marji Audeh) to a waterhole. The three men are forced to take him with them, but what starts as a genial adventure heads into dark territory as the group are attacked.

Young Jacir Eid is thoroughly engaging as Theeb, while Hassan Mutlag makes a fine impact as a dubious traveller who stumbles to the well. Beautifully shot by Wolfgang Thaler (cinematographer on Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise trilogy), the film makes the most of majestic backdrops.

Mark Adams
Screen Internationa


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