Even though it's the nerdiest thing ever we're actually pretty excited to hear this casting announcement. Ben Foster, Paula Patton and Rob Kazinsky (hey, that's Sean Slater from Eastenders!) have all joined the big-screen adaptation of Warcraft.

Other names dropped by Universal Pictures are Travis Fimmell of Vikings fame and The East's Toby Kebbel. Digital Spy also report that Dominic Cooper is in final negotiations.

While all that sounds fine and dandy we can't help feel a bit disappointed that Colin Farrell, who was rumoured to be involved, is nowhere to be seen on the official casting roll-call.

Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) is taking the helm (which is probably the reason why our interest in this movie has been raised) and filming is scheduled to start in January 2014 in Canada. Chilly is all we can say about that.

For those not in the know, Warcraft is a hugely successful video game franchise about humans fighting monsters. Given the plot for the film version involves humans encountering the deadliest of creatures, orcs,  we predict that it will be a massive hit at the box office.