Whoever said 'There's no such thing as bad publicity' may have had a point - but apparently that doesn't always translate to cold, hard cash.


According to some reports - more specifically, business website Bloomberg - the whole 'Best Picture' blunder could actually be damaging to 'Moonlight's financial prospects.

Despite it being the only thing that the entertainment world had to talk about on Monday morning, they report that the blunder could disrupt the income flow that was due to the film. "The snafu, pegged to PwC account co-leader Brian Cullinan, has drowned out the usual media afterglow that follows the Oscars, threatening to disrupt the flow of dollars in which winners like “Moonlight” would otherwise expect to bask," it said.

Still, the film - which cost £5 million to make - has already made over £17 million in the US and an estimated £17 million in Europe, so it's far from a financial flop.