Although ghosts in general were the villains in Ghostbusters I and II, each film had its own major villain which pulled the story along.

For the first one, it was Zool - an entity that possessed Sigourney Weaver - and Gozer - a dog-like thing that possessed Rick Moranis. The second time around, it was Vigo the Carpathian, also known as the Scourge of Carpathia, the Sorrow of Moldavia, also known as that freaky guy in the painting.

Anyway, for the new Ghostbusters with Kristen Wiig and co. in the jumpsuits, there's a new villain on the loose in New York CIty and, from what we can tell, he looks more than a little familiar.

This image, captured at the New York Toy Fair, shows a ghostly looking creature that resembles the 'No Ghost' sign familiar to the Ghostbusters. There's also a video below the image which shows a sort-of dragon looking thing called Mayhem and what appears to be fan favourite Slimer making a return as well.




So, thoughts? Well, it's like this. We saw the the 30-second teaser that seemed to showcase the 'epic' nature of this version of Ghostbusters, not to mention to being surprisingly devoid of humour in any way. Given how the film has been under lock and key for quite a while, bar a few strategic set photos here and there, they're obviously up to something big.

There's no doubt that this action figure is only a slight representation of what the finished villain will look like, but it's interesting to see where they're going with it. Nostalgia is obviously a big factor for them, so it's no surprise that they're trying to tap into the likes of Slimer to get older fans on board.


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