This one dropped a few weeks back - we've no idea how we missed it. It genuinely looks like the best thing Kevin Smith has done in years.

We sat through Tusk, which was an interesting experiment. Smith wanted to do something out there, and he damn well succeeded. Johnny Depp's character from that, as well as two girls who work at a convenience store (Smith's daughter Harley and Depp's daughter Lily-Rose) in passing cameos.

He wanted to make a very Canadian film and that's fairly obviously from having a butchers at this. It also looks like it nails the humour, even if it does go on a little too long.

You also get to see Justin Long and Smith's regular cohort, Jason Mewes.  

Yoga Hosers dropped in the US in the Autumn, we'd expect it here soon after - be it on demand or in cinemas.