After a 16-year wait, Tommy Wiseau's magnum opus, 'The Room', is finally being shown in a cinema in Ireland.

Up until now, 'The Room' was shown in live venues like The Sugar Club et al, but on April 5th, it'll receive its Irish cinema debut. Smithfield's Light House Cinema is hosting the movie, and is encouraging audience members to dress up in tuxedos, bring American footballs with them, and basically make into the cult movie event of the year - which it definitely will.

Here's one, single clip from the movie. Again, if you've never seen it before, this is totally real.

The show kicks off at 11PM on, with the downstairs bar open from 9PM with all sorts of nonsense no doubt taking place from then on. If you've never watched 'The Room' with an audience or in a proper cinema, now's your chance.

Tickets are on sale now and will likely sell out pretty quick, so get on it.