Oh look, they've made yet another remake of a great 70s horror flick; Carrie. And they've put Chloe Grace Moretz in the place of the original Sissy Spacek. Will it pale in comparison with the original? Most likely, yes.

You know the story; a young girl, bullied, pushed too far by both her peers and her crazy religious mother, all while trying to come to terms with her telekinetic powers. On one special night, that being her prom, things get so bad for Carrie, some serious sh*t goes down.

The pressure is certainly ON for this remake as the original Carrie managed to achieve that rare feat wherein the movie was actually far superior to Stephen King's book. Kimberley Pierce has her hands full.

Can Moretz do it justice? She sure looks scary with blood all over her face but who wouldn't; isn't she a little too pretty for this role? Was that the aim here? Co-starring Julianne Moore as the scary b*tch mother, you can expect to see Carrie come April 2013. A perfect Spring time flick.