It's a shame given how good the first one turned out to be - and how much cash it made - but Deadpool 2 officially lost its director Tim Miller, with the reason being "creative differences" over the weekend.

It's with scenarios like this in Hollywood that the studio want to keep everything together, as messing with the formula can derail things somewhat. Being that the film's star Ryan Reynolds was a huge reason why it  got made in the first place, reports were that it was he and Miller that didn't see eye-to-eye... turns out those rumours were true.

The Wrap are saying that it came down to budget; Miller wanted to make a very expensive, Marvel universe type like sequel, while Reynolds and the writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, felt it should have a similar, $60 million budget to the first - which grossed close to $800 million globally. Reynolds and the writers won, and Miller left the project for another Fox property - the cyber-crime thriller 'Influx.'

Reports are also that Domino is in Deapool 2 and Irish actress Eve Hewson has tested for the part - as well as Ruby Rose, Mackenzie Davis, Lizzy Caplan, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Sienna Miller.

It'd be a cracking part for Hewson, but out of those names our money is on Caplan or Winstead.