Foxcatcher's had a significant amount of Oscar buzz surrounding both it and the actors involved.

Channing Tatum's portrayal of Mark Schultz, as well as Steve Carrell's genuinely disturbing take on John DuPoint has won both of them plaudits from critics and awards committees alike.

Likewise, Mark Ruffalo's performance as Dave Schultz, DuPont's murder victim, has been hailed as one of the best of the year.

We even gave it four stars, so that tells you how good the film is.

However, the real-life Mark Schultz isn't a fan of the film. Although he was initially positive and actively pushed and talked about the film on his Twitter, it appears he's made a U-turn on the film.

The wrestler took to social media and blasted Bennett Miller and the film, saying that he "will never win another award" and that "the world will hate Foxcatcher" as much as he does.

It's not known if Schultz, who was an associate producer on the film and had a small cameo, had seen a finished cut of the film before then or if there was a falling out between he and the makers of the film.

Foxcatcher has been on release in the US since November with an Irish release date set for January 9th.


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