In the best cinematic news I've heard in some time, Universal Pictures has picked up the fact-based drama Breaking The Bank as a directing vehicle for the director of the absolutely brilliant action flick, The Raid, Gareth Evans, reports Deadline.

Based on former UFC fighter "Lightning" Lee Murray's dabbling in bank robbery, the British mixed martial artist was the main player in a bank heist which saw £54 million go on the hop. He was made infamous when a couple of UFC fighters, including Matt Hughes and Chuck Lidell, said he knocked out then UFC Champion Tito Ortiz during a massive street brawl in London, in their autobiographies. He was captured by police while on the run in Morocco, and is currently serving a 25 year stretch in an UK prison.

Delighted to see this story moving forward, and especially with the very talented Evans at the helm. The Raid opens in Irish cinemas next week and is one of the best action movies I have ever seen. I really hope the move towards western cinema doesn’t blunt any of his edge. Somewhere, Jason Statham's spidey-sense is going into f**king overdrive.