Fans of The Raid will be happy to hear about this; a sequel is already in the works.

We gave the first flick four and a half stars for its many "arse clenching moments" and "bone-crunching brilliance on a truly epic scale," so as you can imagine, we'd be expecting great things from a follow up. Director of The Raid, Gareth Evans, has already shared some details on what's in store with the folk over at Digital Spy. First of all, the sequel will be titled Berandal; second of all, it'll see Iko Uwais reprise his role as the police officer Rama while the film's focus will centre more so on the characters who were discussed towards the end of The Raid. What's more, this time the action won't be confined to the one building.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Evans said: "It's very, very different from the first movie - the scale of it is much, much bigger. It's a lot more complex in terms of storyline and character this time. I felt like I couldn't get away with something as simplistic as we did in the first one, [which] was all in one building. We go out onto the streets with this one."

"We have a good cop who is mentioned [at the end of the first film], and we have the big bad guy, the boss of the corrupt cops. They become characters in the sequel, and they're much more expanded upon... They play a part in Rama's life now, so it's a continuation and it's gonna be big."

Production on Berandal will kick off early in 2013.