Disappointed in life, and with only weeks left to live, 68-year-old divorcee Marianne (Evabritt Strandberg) signs a contract with a German company offering an advanced hallucinatory drug that enables patients to revisit key moments in their past. Under the influence of the drug,
Marianne travels back forty years to a holiday she took with her husband and two young children in a cabin overlooking a vast, glacial valley, and tries to understand what went wrong.

The premise of Henrik Hellström’s third feature may contain touches of science fiction, but as Marianne watches, appalled, as her younger self slowly loses touch with her husband, her children and herself, what emerges is an unsettling study of isolation.

Evabritt Strandberg gives a touching performance as the older Marianne, full of hard-earned wisdom and regret, while Joni Francéen is quietly impressive as the younger woman, struggling with loneliness and fear. Set against the haunting backdrop of the mountains, The Quiet Roar is a beautifully shot meditation on identity, at once elusive and profound.

Alistair Daniel
Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

With special guest Henrik Hellström


Please note that the festival is over 18s only