Easily one of our most hotly anticipated films in the coming years, Shane Black's The Predator is now even closer to a release.

It's been confirmed that The Predator will now move up from its original release date - March 2018 - to February 2018. Yes, that is a whole month and you're probably thinking that's not a huge amount of difference.

Well, it is and it isn't. For one thing, it tells us that Fox are keen to get the film out sooner rather than later. More interestingly, however, is that it points to Doc Savage being pushed back further on the production line. Both The Predator and Doc Savage have been pet projects for Black, so it's clear that studios are banking more heavily on The Predator than they are on Doc Savage.

As we know, Black has circled Dwayne Johnson for the titular role in Doc Savage, however his dance-card is basically fully booked from now until well into 2020. The Predator, however, is another story. For one thing, it doesn't necessarily need a big-name cast to get people on board.

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger has said that he's interested, he still hasn't committed fully to the project. Details are, of course, sketchy on The Predator. All we know so far is that it'll be set in the present day, that it won't be a reboot and that it'll be more closer to the original than any of the previous films to date.

Here's hoping it works out because we desperately need some of this in our lives.


Via Deadline