As the United Kingdom continues to stumble through the fallout of Brexit, many film companies are beginning to reassess their options.

Although Game of Thrones' future is secured, there's been something of an upside for the likes of Pinewood Studios - primarily because the pound is now so cheap, it's become consequently cheaper to make and produce a film in England. "In the context of our business, the decline in the pound sterling exchange rate is undoubtedly positive for our international customers," said Pinewood Studios chief Ivan Dunleavy in a recent interview with Deadline.

Essentially, it means that production companies and studios are able to make films much more cheaply in Pinewood Studios in England than they've ever been able to before. While that's good for production companies, it does mean that the workers and creatives there are going to be adversely affected by the drop in the pound's buying power.

Pinewood Studios has already housed some major productions, like Rogue One, The Force Awakens, Assassin's Creed, some parts of Captain America: Civil War and many television productions like Netflix's The Crown. It's hard to know if the falling pound will work against Ireland in these terms, as Ireland has already secured filming for Episode VIII and could possibly be back for Episode IX.

Dublin will soon be home to an 180,000 square-foot film studio that's received backing from Bono and KPMG, with word that major US studios are interested in booking space once construction is underway.


Via Deadline