There's very few cars that have the same iconic status as the Ford Mustang from Bullitt.

It's often rated as one of the best car chases ever made, particularly for its use of then-standard cars, sharp editing and Steve McQueen and Bill Hickman's incredible stunt driving. However, the fate of the original Mustang has long been a mystery for enthusiasts with some believing that it was lost, scrapped or simply destroyed after the film finished filming.

Not so, although it definitely needs a lot of work.

The '68 Ford Mustang GTO Fastback was found in a junkyard in Mexico, with its original drivetrain and iconic colouring long gone, by a collector who originally planned to replicate the body into Eleanor, the famous Shelby Mustang from Gone In 60 Seconds. However, after checking the VIN - that's Vehicle Identification Number - against a database of Ford cars, they discovered its lineage and quickly realised that they'd stumbled onto a piece of movie and automotive history.

There's been no definitive value attached to the car as of yet, as the car is essentially junk in its current status, however previous McQueen-related cars have sold for six and seven figures at auctions in the past.