Sylvester Stallone has long mooted a fourth sequel in the Rambo franchise after the relative success of the last film at the box office. Then word came that there might be a TV show, but that has apparently gone array and a sequel, Rambo 5, is now being discussed again.

According to Coming Soon, Rambo 5 would see the geriatric former military man tracking "a beast" causing havoc just north of the Arctic Circle. Word is that Stallone would adapt the novel 'Hunter' which is described as very much science fiction in tone, but just replace lead character Nathaniel Hunter with John Rambo.

Odd? Yes. But also kind of bold - if it worked out. Just not very Rambo.

Stallone's producer on all 3 Expendable movies, Avi Lerner is reportedly on board for the proposed new Rambo flick. Or new Predator flick, but we'll call it a Rambo flick. Even though it sounds like a Predator flick.