This week on the movie show we're back at the Lighthouse Cinema which is fast becoming our home away from home. Joining me this week is Sean Munsanje who you'll know as FM104's entertainment guru. Sean drops by to review Premium Rush starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt which hits cinemas on Friday. Also out this Friday is The Sweeney, starring Ray Winstone. The Sweeney boasts lots of exciting car chases so naturally, we jumped at the chance to send eTV's Mark down to Mondello Park to brush up on his own car chasing skills. Let's just assume he survived it. Also on the show this week we bring you the latest trailer for Taken 2; expect lots of men with foreign accents getting seven shades of sh*t beaten out of them by Liam Neeson. Also expect a Liam Neeson impression from erm.. me. I apologise in advance. As always with the movie show we have an exciting competition give away. Fans of JGL as we like to call him will be pleased. If you fancy winning yourself 50/50, Inception and 500 Days of Summer - all starring Joseph Gordon Levitt - then watch this show. Competition details are contained within; we're real smart like that.

Til next week when we review Brad Pitt starrer, Killing Them Softly and catch up with none other than Liam Neeson himself. We literally cannot wait.

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The Movie Show: Premium Rush, The Sweeney and more