Movie Show Time! Woopah.

This week on our star spangled show, (um we'll use that term lightly) we're joined by the one and only Eoghan Doherty from Today FM who stops by to review Looper. He's a bit of a Looper himself and has quite the soft spot for Emily Blunt who stars alongside my absolute hero, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You can also read our written review of Looper here. Also featured on the show this week is a clip from my interview (if you can call it that, I mostly dribbled from my seat opposite a very attractive actor) with Jeremy Irvine, star of Now Is Good. As always, we've got an exciting trailer of the week and a big fat Die Hard competition give away. Bruce Willis fans, you're WELCOME!

Til next week. Now to go get (appropriately) sozzled on a bit of the black shtuff. Happy Arthur's Day yall.