The LEGO movie is continuing to make an absolute fortune at the box-office, while a big budgeted newbie has died right on its arse.

'LEGO' is in its third week of release in the US and took a further $31 million this weekend, enough to top the charts and take its tally to an extremely impressive $188 million. At the other end of the success spectrum was Pompeii which cost $100 million plus to produce and took a measly $10 million in its opening three days. The Paul W.S Anderson flick was savaged by critics and isn’t faring much better abroad.

Kevin Costner also had a newbie out this weekend, doing his version of Taken with the action movie, 3 Days to Kill, which while hardly a killer, still did OK numbers of $12.8 million off of a production budget of $28 million. 

Full list via Box Office Mojo is below. There are three remakes in the top ten. Who says originality is dead…

1. The LEGO Movie: $31,800,000 (million)
2. 3 Days to Kill: $12,300,000
3. Pompeii: $10,010,000
4. RoboCop (2014): $9,400,000
5. The Monuments Men: $8,100,000
6. About Last Night (2014): $7,400,000
7. Ride Along: $4,667,000
8. Frozen: $4,357,000
9. Endless Love (2014): $4,301,000
10. Winter's Tale: $2,130,000