Zack Synder has unsurprisingly been confirmed as the man who will direct the cape heavy superhero sequel, Justice League.

Synder is currently at work on Batman Vs Superman with Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, which is due for release the summer of 2016. The DC comics and Warner Bros production will feature both actors and the recently cast Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. The Justice League film probably wont see daylight until 2018, so there is plenty of time for more big names to become attached.

Warner Bros are serious about tackling Marvel and Disney and although Synder himself has played down the rivalry between the brands, both him and DC have to be looking at the mammoth success of the Marvel movies as a benchmark here. They arguably have more iconic characters, but said characters haven’t been given their own movies before an assemble flick, ala Avengers.

Regardless, Synder did a solid job of Man of Steel. It was convoluted but a lot of fun - hopefully he can iron out the kinks for the sequel.

Via The Wall Street Journal