Following a short illness, actor and author John Clive has passed away aged 79. Clive was probably best known for his role in The Italian Job, voicing John Lennon in Yellow Submarine and appearing in A Clockwork Orange. Starring alongside Sir Michael Caine, Clive appeared as a garage manager who looked after Mr Caine's character in the popular movie The Italian Job.

Mr Clive also found roles in two Pink Panther flicks and the Carry On films. He didn't just appear in movies though, making a name for himself both on television (The Dick Emery Show, The Sweeney) and on the West End, appearing as the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. Most recently, Clive had turned his hand to writing, penning a number of best selling books among which KG 200 with JD Gilman, Broken Wings and Barossa were included.

Clive's daughter Hannah took to Twitter to make the following heartfelt statement: "I'm immensely proud: My late father, Actor John Clive who died on Sunday. Everybody passes, not all live on."