The trilogy no one ever really saw happening is, well, happening. Gerard Butler is in a funny auld spot of late with very few of his movies either getting wide releases or bombing when they do.

Thus the 'Has Fallen franchise seems to be his go-to when he wants to put bums on seats after the first two movies performed well at the box-office. If you remember correctly, the first one 'Olympus Has Fallen' actually smashed the much more heavily budgeted and similarly themed 'White House Down' in cinemas.

Anyhow, this time Gerry is framed for the attempted murder of the president (Morgan Freeman), and is confronted by a very accusatory government suit Jada-Pinkett Smith.


Very much harkening back to the simple on plot, big on action and masculine posturing of early 90s blockbusters... and we're OK with that. The film is released in August.