Who doesn't love good old-fashioned, head-melting, disturbingly prescient vintage sci-fi?

Kicking off tomorrow and running right through to Sunday, the IFI in Temple Bar is showing a series of modern classics of sci-fi that includes Primer, The Right Stuff (in 70mm, no less), The Andromeda Strain and a screening of Emer Reynolds' critically-acclaimed documentary The Farthest, which won at this year's Audi Dublin International Film Festival for Best Irish Documentary.

The Dark Skies Festival is run in conjunction with Trinity College's Science Gallery and you can get all the information on tickets from ifi.ie and here's the schedule of films that are being shown.


Thursday, July 13th at 18.15: The Andromeda Strain

Friday, July 14th at 18.40: Primer

Saturday July 15th at 16.40: Phase IV (with alternate ending)

Saturday July 15th at 19.30: The Right Stuff in 70mm

Sunday July 16th at 13.40: Village of the Damned

Sunday July 16th at 18.00: The Quiet Earth

Sunday July 16th at 20.00: The Farthest