The Hangover lived up to the hype at the box-office, and opened with a huge bang, that would probably call for even more Nurofen Plus. The hilarious comedy bagged a hugely impressive $43.8 million to place second only to Pixar's latest opus, Up, which bagged a slightly better $44.2 million. Hype had surrounded the release of the comedy for some time, but extremely strong reviews and excellent word-of-mouth should see this film outstretch even those lofty expectations. I'll be interviewing all the main cast and crew today, as they hit Dublin for a premiere at The Savoy tonight. There has also been the first real flop of the summer with the news that Will Ferrell adventure comedy Land of the Lost bagged just under $20 million; far below the expected opening of $30 plus. Still, $20 million isn't an unequivocal disaster and Ferrell is a draw at the global box-office regardless.