The Hangover 2 has not been getting great reviews since previews started this week, but the film is still being projected to make between $100 and $120 million in its opening weekend - a crazy amount for a comedy, especially one aimed at adults.

I got to see the sequel yesterday and you can read my review here. It still has some laughs, but most critics seem to agree that it's pretty much the same film as the first with the location changed. Granted, director and co-writer Phillips could argue that he's just giving audiences what they want, and following up a film based around such a concept was always going to be difficult.

The Hangover had strong legs, and I remember interviewing the cast and director in Dublin the Monday after the film opened in America when they found out sitting with me, that it had topped the box-office. It built excellent word of mouth through the weekend, something that is happening right now with the Judd Apatow produced Bridesmaids, which is being called "The Hangover for women." I still think audiences will flock, but if there is a third film, they need to build it around a divorce and set it in Dublin... just saying.