One of the best jokes of the night at this year's Oscars was Jimmy Kimmel offering the person with the shortest speech a brand-new Jet Ski.

The eventual winner was Mark Bridges, who was the costume designer on Paul Thomas Anderson's Phantom Thread, and was wheeled out at the end of the night on his Jet Ski for all to see. Well, as it turns out, Bridges wasn't much of a fan of making sick waves in the water and he's decided to give it away to charity.

The 2018 Kawasaki Ultra 310LX Jet Ski is now up on a raffle on, with money raised going to the Motion Picture & Television Fund's 'We All Play Our Part' campaign. You can donate $10 up to $5,000 with the amount you donate determining how many times you enter the raffle.

What's more, if you win, you'll be the owner of the only Jet Ski in the world that's been ridden by Helen Mirren during an Oscars ceremony. That's worth $10 right there, folks.