If you want to be a bit technical about it, The Grudge is getting ANOTHER reboot - seeing as how the film with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Bill Paxton was itself a US reboot of the Japanese film, Ju-on.

Anyway, Deadline reports that English actress Andrea Riseborough is now set to star in a new take on the film, where she'll be playing a single mother and detective investigating what'll likely be some kind of gory murder related to the evil curse that drives people insane. Nicolas Pesce, who directed Sundance film Piercing, is now being lined up to write and direct the film.

It might seem like an odd choice of a film to reboot, but the fact is that The Grudge is an underrated reboot and Ju-on was one of the main films that kicked off the Asian horror craze of the early '00s, so they're obviously hoping for another resurgence of creepy children with long black hair.


Via Deadline