Although The Greatest Showman wasn't a hit with the majority of critics (48% on Metacritic, we gave it 3.5 out of 5), it did however connect with audiences in a way that analysts really weren't expecting.

In fact, it's kind of telling that the musical wasn't greenlit for a sequel almost immediately, but The Sun is now reporting that a stage musical adaptation is now being mounted. The soundtrack for The Greatest Showman was a hit, and has been topping album charts since its release, so it makes sense that a songbook be made out of it and shifting the whole experience to stage.

In fact, there was a ten-week rehearsal before the film went into production, which is pretty much the same as a Broadway show and even some of its stars - most notably Keala Settle - came from a Broadway background.

Hugh Jackman's involvement isn't yet known with regards to the stage musical adaptation, but considering he's a huge fan of them, it doesn't seem all that hard to believe he's not going to turn up on stage on its opening night or something to that effect.


Via The Sun