Warner Bros. have a lot riding on the success of Wonder Woman. 

While the launch of the DCEU has seen decent returns at the box office (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad grossed close to $2.3 billion between them), the critical response to the movies overall has been lukewarm at best with the latter two in particular coming for quite a bashing. 

With all of their heroes set to team up for Justice League later this year, Warner Bros. could really do with a solo film that's a hit with both the critics and audiences. If the first critical reactions to Wonder Woman are anything to go by, they've got one with the first female superhero movie. 

While some have said that the film's opening is a little rough, the majority of critics seem to agree that Patty Jenkins' film is a winner. Have a look. 

Roll on June 2nd.