Sorry 'Fast' fans, the mean machine that keeps on giving has a scrappage date and it's approaching sooner than you think.

Speaking to Collider, producer Neal Moritz confirmed that they're set on ending the series with 'Fast 10', saying: "Yeah, the plan is to make two more movies."

Responding to a question about how quickly they'll be starting 'Fast 9', he said: "Our plan is to go as quickly as we can under the idea that we gotta have a great story and be ready to go. And, honestly, we have some big themes and things we’re talking about, we’re just not there in terms of where exactly we’re gonna go yet. We kind of have the ending point of the franchise, but we don’t know the in-betweens yet."

The decision, he said was joint and came about from "... all of us kind of putting our heads together and coming together with something that we think is very special."

As for filming the final two films back to back and/or reuniting with 'Fast and Furious 8' director F. Gary Gray, that's all TBC.

But what isn't is that number. Two. Two more goes around the track. We're not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing...


Via Collider