That's Senator The Dude to you. 

When it comes to drafting up a list of names of actors who could turn to a career in politics, we're not so sure that Jeff Bridges would have been the first name we thought of, but for Democrats in the state of Montana, they think that The Dude is the man for them. 

With the withdrawal of Senator John Walsh from the race in controversial circumstances, they're on the lookout to find another candidate and although Amanda Curtis, a one-term representative from Butte, was the person that the party seemed to be moving towards, Libby Pratt, who owns a business and lives in Billings, Montana felt that there would need to be someone that was more well known and could put up a real fight.

That person is Jeff Bridges, apparently, who is a resident in Montana and, as Pratt told the Wall Street Journal, would be perfect because "he’s the only candidate where you could put up a nude photo of him or a photo of him smoking a joint, and he would get more votes!". 

The Dude himself hasn't given a firm yes or no, but he did say on Howard Stern's radio show that he had run the idea past his wife, and was met with a definite no: "There’s a group of people that have called in and want me to run for senator of Montana, like 1,000 people. And I said, ‘Sue?’, and she looks at me and says, ‘Don’t even think about it.’"

While that might put some off, Pratt has not been deterred, saying that every politician who presented the idea of running to their spouse had similarly been shot down, so they may yet convince Jeff and Sue that this is worth a try. 

At least we know what his first piece of business would be in the Senate... to clear up exactly how they should address him. 

Via The Wall Street Journal