Without a shadow of a doubt, the fake orgasm scene from 'When Harry Met Sally' is up there as one of the greatest romantic comedy beats.

It's funny, knowing, perfectly staged - the looks of blank bewilderment from everyone in the deli - and, of course, Meg Ryan's delivery. All of it combined together to create a one-of-a-kind moment, all of it followed up with the brief "I'll have what she's having..." from the lady afterwards. Fun fact - that's actually Rob Reiner's mother, Estelle Reiner.

Anyway, with the 30th anniversary of 'When Harry Met Sally' coming up, the real-life location of the scene - Katz's Deli on East Houston Street in New York - is hosting a "fake orgasm contest" to see who can moan the loudest. If you happen to be in New York tomorrow morning, you can pop in and moan away to your heart's content and win a few goodies.

Not only that, you can also order the "I'll what she's having" package which includes the same order that Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan had, not to mention some tote bags and t-shirts to go along with it.

Exactly how they're going to judge the fake orgasms is yet to be revealed, but the guess is probably has something to do with either replicating Meg Ryan's moaning or just being really, really excited about the idea of eating a pastrami sandwich with some coleslaw on the side.

And just for a bit of fun, here's a remix of Meg Ryan's orgasm with Michael Caine. Yeah, we don't know either.