It was a stellar weekend for The Conjuring 2 at the American box-office as the well-received sequel beat a recent batch of sequel-itus to open pretty much the same as the smash hit first flick.

Over the 3 days, the Patrick Wilson/Vera Farmiga horro took $40.4M - just off the $41.9M of the first film. Previously the likes of Bad Neighbours and The Huntsman: Winter's War opened way off their predecessors and struggled to make up ground the following weeks.

Elsewhere the $160 million Warcraft did so-so numbers with $24.4M, but is playing incredibly well worldwide - especially in China. The film is predicted to break even at about $500 million when all is said and done.

Another new sequel Now You See Me 2 did OK, managing to coin $23M - off from the $30 million of the first.

Shout-out to Irish productions The Lobster ($5.1 million) and the even more impressive Love and Friendship ($9.5 million and counting) that are bringing in the crowds in the indie scene. Bravo. 

Via BO Mojo