Ari Forman follows his groundbreaking animated documentary Waltz with Bashir with an equally bold and brilliant movie. A meta-textual Hollywood satire starring Robin Wright as herself, it morphs midway into a full blown sci-fi cartoon, but only to cut even closer to the philosophical bone in its investigation of femininity, fantasy and virtual reality.

Inspired by Stanislav Lem’s novel The Futurological Congress, Forman delves into a make-believe world where a beautiful, talented actress like Robin Wright (The Princess Bride) is considered all but washed up. Miramount studio head Danny Huston does have one last proposition for her though, a deal that will guarantee her riches for life and fame well beyond that. He wants to scan her, sample her, and take full rights to the virtual Robin Wright. Only one condition: the actual Robin must never act again. It’s a Faustian bargain too good to turn down. But that’s only the beginning.

A visionary film that takes its place alongside Brazil, Blade Runner and Solaris, The Congress is a savagely funny and surprisingly moving commentary on our increasing reliance on screens – not just to watch, but to hide behind.

Vancouver International Film Festival

Winner, Best Picture, Best Screenplay & Best Actress, Fantastic Fest