Back in 1996, Scream was the go-to date movie.

Sure, it was a horror - but it also blended elements of comedy, teen drama and, well, meta-horror. Directed by the iconic Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson in his debut screenplay, Scream would go on to spawn several less-than-perfect sequels and a (sigh) MTV TV series.

So, what's happened to the cast since then?


NEVE CAMPBELL - 'Sidney Prescott'

Much like a lot of the cast, Neve Campbell was already established in her career and reasonably well-known to audiences. Scream, in particular, shot her right into the A-list. Most recently, she's starred in Mad Men, Titanic: Blood & Steel and she'll be appearing in the next season of House of Cards.


COURTNEY COX - 'Gale Weathers'

Perhaps out of all the cast, Cox was the most well-known and successful at the time. Friends was hitting its zenith in terms of popularity and a film career seemed like the next logical step. Despite Scream's success, a film career didn't really pan out for Cox. A string of disappointing box-office failures, including the ghastly 3,000 Miles To Graceland, pretty much made sure it wasn't happening. Since Friends, she's appeared in Cougar Town and most recently directed a music video for our own Kodaline with Fogel from Superbad.


SKEET ULRICH - 'Billy Loomis'

Is there a more '90s-sounding name / actor than Skeet Ulrich? We don't think so. Well, maybe Tori Spelling. Anyway, Ulrich's career never really recovered post-1990's. Having starred in some of the best films of the era - As Good As It Gets, Scream, The Craft (obviously), Ulrich went on to star in the short-lived TV series Jericho. What's he doing now? His last consistent gig was on Law & Order: LA as Det. Rex Winters. We didn't even know there was a Law & Order: LA.



Loomis' equally unhinged friend, Lilliard was also quintessential '90s, having starred in the likes of She's All That, Wing Commander (remember that?), Hackers and John Waters' Serial Mom. Since then, Lilliard's taken on the role of Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo and has turned up in EVERY live-action film since then. He also starred in the US adaptation of The Bridge.




DAVID ARQUETTE - 'Sheriff Dewey'

David Arquette's had a strange career. For example, did you know that he was once the World Heavyweight Champion in the WCW? Anyway, since starring as the bungling-but-loveable Dewey, Arquette's turned up most recently in the Entourage movie and will be starring in the upcoming Pee-Wee Herman revival. He has, however, had serious problems with alcohol abuse and has been in and out of rehab for some time.


ROSE McGOWAN - 'Tatum Riley'

Rose McGowan's been quite prolific since Scream. However, she more recently crept back into our lives when she revealed the pretty blatant sexism that goes in Hollywood when she tweeted an e-mail regarding a casting call for an upcoming film with a well-known comedic actor. As of right now, she's currently working on her feature-length debut as a director. Good for her.



JAMIE KENNEDY - 'Randy Meeks'

The narrator, if you like, of the Scream franchise, Meeks was us. Nerdy, knew tons of useless information about movies, never had a girlfriend in school. Jamie Kennedy's career post-Scream has likewise been interesting and prolific to chart. Racking up a total of 89 acting credits, his most recent efforts have seen him on Adult Swim's Robot Chicken and the MMA drama Kingdom with Frank Grillo.


DREW BARRYMORE - 'Casey Becker'

You've really got to hand it to Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson. Killing off what one would initially think to be the main character in the first five minutes of the film is daring. You really, really didn't expect it. Anyway, Drew Barrymore most recently turned up in Adam Sandler car-crash cinema extravaganza Blended. She is, however, working on a drama with Dominic Cooper and directed by Catherine Hardwicke called Miss You Already which looks quite interesting.