With a scare factor far greater than its modest dimensions, The Canal is a polished psycho-thriller full of macabre twists and nerve-snapping tension. Rupert Evans plays David, a film archivist who moves into an elegant townhouse with his wife Alice (Hannah Hoekstra) and their young son Billy, superbly played by Calum Heath. Soon after unearthing creepy footage of a murder that took place in his house 100 years ago, David discovers that Alice is having an affair. When her body is dragged from the canal he becomes the prime suspect. Crazed by grief and jealousy, David struggles to convince the police that malevolent paranormal forces were behind the murder.

The Canal is a styling and scary mash-up of psycho-horror traditions. Kavanagh, editor Robin Hill and their sound design team push their skills to experimental extremes with shuddering jump cuts, subliminal single-frame edits and blood-curdling offscreen noises. The cumulative effect is an intense and unsettling trip into the twilight zone.

Stephen Dalton
The Hollywood Reporter

With special guest Rupert Evans


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