This stunningly beautiful documentary is deeply personal yet relevant to us all. Filmmaker Mark Titus caught his first salmon at the age of two (with a little help from his dad) and thus started a lifelong love of angling and the particular species of fish that he stalked. Sadly, over the course of Titus’ life he has witnessed a breach in the contract between humans and his beloved salmon.

The agreement, he contends, was that if we would protect waterways then the salmon would continue to carry nutrients up the river, provide plentiful food for us to eat and fertilisation for our land. Almost like a gentle Michael Moore, Titus takes us on a journey, meandering through the northwestern region of the US and into Canada, to tell the story of how this rupture happened and the impact it has had on migrating fish and local people. He shows that, due to overfishing, dambuilding and fish-farming, wild salmon are less plentiful and more unhealthy than before. It’s a fascinating look at a  dangerous course humanity has taken and what we must do to reverse it.

Ross Whitaker

With special guest Mark Titus


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