Effectively doing for backyard swimming pools and tap water what Psycho did for showers and Jaws did for oceans, The Bay is a genuinely terrifying eco-horror tale in which you aren’t what you eat, but rather what eats you. From the combined creative forces of producer Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity) and Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson (Rain Man, Wag the Dog), The Bay uses an ingenious assemblage of news reports, surveillance video, home movies and other purportedly user-generated video to expose the never-before-told story of what really happened in the idyllic small town of Claridge, Maryland over the July 4 weekend, 2009, when an infestation of parasitic ‘isopods’ made its way into the groundwater supply.

Mixing elements of old-fashioned giant insect movies with the new wave of documentary-style horror fare, The Bay will make you squirm, jump and cower in your seat as it takes humankind down a few pegs on the food chain.

New York Film Festival

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