You might remember a colourful, live-action kids' TV show in the '70s and '80s called 'The Banana Splits', which involved large, furry creatures.

There was that really catchy theme song, the weird psychedelic music they seemed to play, and the fact that it all just seemed very loud and noisy for a kids' TV show. (Personally, we were more used to 'Animals of Farthing Wood' and 'Storybook International')

Anyway, for some unknown reason, there's now a horror movie being made out of 'The Banana Splits' that we had to check twice was actually real. The movie, imaginatively titled 'The Banana Splits Movie', sees the original characters - that's Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper, and Snorky - murdering people left and right.

Again, this is an actual movie and, as you can probably guess, is being released straight to digital and Blu-Ray. It also features exactly zero actors you've heard of, will probably end up on Netflix, and really, you've got to marvel at the idea of a real-life children's TV show being turned into a slasher horror.

Here's the trailer and, again, this is actually real.