Director of The Artist, Michel Hazanavicius has apparently set his sights on forthcoming comedy, Will. Will's screenplay was written by Late Night With Conan O'Brien writer Demetri Martin who also happens to be one of my favourite comedians. Deadline report that the director is very interested in taking the lead with this, following his upcoming work on war drama The Search.

Will is said to be a high concept piece in which each and every one of our lives is guided by our own personal guardian angel. Sounding a bit Bruce Almighty-esque (although we imagine it will be a lot better) when the 34-year-old protagonist's angel decides to throw in the towel, our main man suddenly finds that he can do anything he wants.

This project was supposed to be well under way by now with Little Miss Sunshine's directors Valerie Ferris and Jonathan Dayton at the helm. What's more, Paul Rudd and Zach Galifianakis were set to star but then the project was dropped without warning. It's unclear yet as to whether Rudd and Galifianakis will continue with said roles should Hazanavicius choose to take on the project. Whatever happens, with this guy in the director's chair, it's sure to be a treat.