Nothing should deter you from going to see The Americanisation of Emily. Here is a film that not only gives the charming Miss Andrews a chance to prove herself irresistible in a straight romantic comedy, but also gets off some of the wildest, brashest and funniest cracks at the lunacy of warfare that have popped from the screen in quite some time.

It is James Garner as the expert ‘dog robber’ – or aide – of an American admiral who moves at the head of a deadly satiric thrust. What Garner is expressing is that wars will be abolished only when people stop thinking it is noble to fight. This, of course, initially repels the charming young English widow with whom he has an affair. But it even more startles his superiors.

In addition to the splendid performances that Mr Garner and Miss Andrews give, there are dandy jobs by James Coburn, Melvyn Douglas and Edward Binns. The Americanization of Emily says more for pacifism than a fistful of intellectual tracts. It also is highly entertaining.

Bosley Crowther
The New York Times, 1964


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