We're big fans of comic book movies here in the office, so we were rather excited when we found out that plot details for the upcoming Spider-Man sequel were online, and that they'd already started filming the movie in New York.

Columbia Pictures officially announced that production has started on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and even released a full cast list. We already knew Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Shailene Woodley, Dane DeHaan and Sally Field were on board, but the company finally confirmed that Paul Giammati and Colm Feore will also be involved with the film.

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Peter Parker is being kept well and truly busy. He hasn't quite kept his promise to Captain Stacey, and when he isn't fighting crime he's hanging out with Gwen and counting down the days to graduation. The arrival of an old friend (DeHaan's Harry Osborn) and a new foe (Foxx's Electro) really shakes things up for the man in the red spandex mask and when he comes across a few new clues about his past, things really get interesting.

We're quite frankly more interested to see how he'll get on with both Gwen and Mary-Jane now appearing on screen. Wonder if we'll see a bit of a cat fight?

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits cinemas on May 2nd 2014.