For those of you with superhero fever (so that's just about everyone then) this should brighten your modd for this dreary old Thursday. Why? The hugely anticipated The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer will be landing later today and we will have it for you as soon as it drops. Woohoo!

Director Marc Webb (his surname is not lost on us either) has revealed a little bit about what we can expect from the superhero sequel:

'Spider-Man is in for the greatest battle of his life. We begin the film with Spider-Man loving being Spider-Man – he's smooth, having fun and the best crime fighter the world has ever seen. He's got his webs, he's got his agility and he's got his wit. But soon, Peter will have to face a foe more powerful than he can imagine. In a tragic twist of fate, Max Dillon transforms from Spider-Man's biggest fan to his biggest foe.'

Ooo, a tragic twist of fate? They're the best kind of twists of fate!

Also, in a move that will further entice Spidey's female fans, Harry Osborn is coming back. Webb says, 'Harry was one of Peter's childhood friends, but they lost touch. Now he's back and getting ready to take the reins of OsCorp. As Peter and Harry start to uncover the mysteries of OsCorp, the company built by Harry's father, Harry will have to decide how he will live with his father's perilous legacy at the one place that houses all of these villains.'

Gwen is back too of course but she and Peter are 'going to have to figure out what roles they will play in each other’s lives.'

It sounds like this flick is going to be more than just a smash and bang action extravaganza, yep, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has layers.

Andrew Garfield stars as the titular character, and co-stars are Emma Stone as Gwen, Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon and Dane DeHaan (Chronicle) as Harry Osborn.

It hits Irish screens on April 18th and we can't frickin' wait!